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At the Media Architecture Biennale in 2014 we explore the emergence of new kinds of ” World Cities” through media architecture. In this context, encounters may occur when media architecture is realized and people experience and interact with it, e.g. when public spaces and urban environments and the practices they shape are influenced by elements

0 Peru National Football Stadium, Lima

Crowd controlled light design In the past, the exterior of the stadiums was often neglected. Thanks to falling prices of LED technology and the revenue opportunities offered by large screens in a sport and entertainment environment, media facades have recently been incorporated in a number of stadium renovations. The Peru National Stadium follows this trajectory,

0 Burberry “Beauty Box”, London Covent Garden

Burberry’s new retail concept brings Burberry fashion and beauty together in an innovative format that allows customers to explore the connections between make-up, fragrance and accessories through personalised physical and digital experiences. The launch follows the establishment of beauty as the brand’s fifth product division in April 2013, and the launch of Brit Rhythm. its

0 PKZ Woman: Flagship Store, Bahnhofstrasse Zürich

Umbau mit Medienfassade Derzeit baut Olivier Burger, Chef der PKZ-Gruppe, sein Feldpausch-Flaggschiff an der Bahnhofstrasse 88 in Zürich aus. Am 6. März 2014 soll das mehrstöckige Modegeschäft (Architektur: Theo Hotz/ Peter Marino, Eröffnung: 1994) eröffnet werden – vergrössert von bisher 2500 auf über 3000 Quadratmeter, inklusive eines Restaurants mit Aussenterrasse.

0 Apple “Stanford 2″, Palo Alto

The first example of a brand new architecture for Apple’s retail stores opened on September 7th. The store incorporates a new “floating” roof design that is also being used for Apple Stores currently being constructed in Portland, Oregon and Aix-en-Provence, France. The new Stanford 2 Apple Store was designed by architectural firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.

0 AUDI Flyer – 05 Flagship Store Proposal for AUDI

Klingmann Architects and Brand Consultants challenges the approach behind flagship stores. The firm’s plans for flagship stores of the future are recession friendly and reduce overhead costs. The firm understands the psyche of modern consumers, and aims to create an interactive experience for the customer.

0 “E-Broidery” – die Symbiose von Licht und Textilien

Ab September 2013 bei Création Baumann lanciert E-Broidery ist die Bezeichnung für innovative Textilien mit elektronischen Komponenten wie LEDs, Sensoren, Solarzellen, die mittels der Stickerei-Technik in verschiedene textile Flächen integriert werden. Das Forschungsprojekt E-Broidery hat zum Ziel, den industriellen Fertigungsprozess von E-Broidery Textilien zur Marktreife zu bringen und für verschiedene Produktbereiche zugänglich zu machen.

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