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0 Dedicam: Flying high through Social Networks?

Author: Kathrin Kunz Business success through outstanding products and network marketing: Start-up company Dedicam, specializing in using drone aircraft to film movies, commercials and extreme sports events, has maximized the use of networks to communicate its unique product nabbing renowned clients like Audi, Red Bull, Mercedes or Porsche. Instead of classic advertisement, content and inbound […]

0 How to do business in China? Guanxi — the Chinese art of networking

Author: Nadine Clauder Exchanging business cards is a key element to build up your Guanxi. Guanxi is a system of networks and relationships in business and private life in China. Furthermore it´s a door-opener and confirms commitment. Guanxi is all about giving and taking. It is essential for being successful in the People´s Republic of […]

0 Emerging market India – a cultural challenge

Author: Esther Grob Photo: Zurich Tourism, Martin Rütschi On my first business trip to India, I was amazed by the cultural differences; but my experience at a business dinner gave me pause to think. MyIndian business colleagues, in my opinion, behaved disrespectfully towards the taxi driver and the staff at the venue. On the other […]

0 Hocoma – Global Culture and Core Values

Authors: Donny Lee, Andrea Leiser, Tobias Straumann Learn about the values and the corporate culture that enable Hocoma to be the international leader in robotic rehabilitation therapy for neurological movement disorders. Dr. Gery Colombo, Co-Founder and CEO of Hocoma, elaborates on the difficulties and opportunities in exporting the corporate culture from a Swiss hub to […]

0 Swiss: How to make use of online media in critical situations

Authors: Nadine Clauder, Isabelle Gargiulo, Monika Sidler, Ulrike Meissner Online Media has become a popular term in most marketers’ vocabulary. But what makes it so special and different compared to classical communication? Online media allows the marketer to communicate multidimensionally which means there is a direct response from clients and as result interaction between producer […]

0 Corporate Ambassadors – A crucial part of the brand management strategy?

Author: Donny Lee What makes a company successful? Its products, services or the valued customers? Now ask yourself the question, who or what makes up an organisation? Yes, the employees! So why is employee branding in many corporations still not a priority? According to studies, Branding is essential, so that loyalty and  identification can be […]

0 Sunrise in Greek economy

Author: Erich Kunz Photo: Marios Katsaros Greece is well known for its amazing beaches, fabulous sunsets and delicious food but nobody expected it to run into a storm when joining the EU in 2001. Since then the country has been fighting with administrative burdens in bureaucracy, additional taxes, a declining GDP and a general negative […]

0 Smarts and the City: Market Opportunity for Civic Technology

Adaptive lighting, smart parking meters, gray water outdoor urinals and much more
Growing urbanism holds inherent concerns about congestion, pollution, and other problems. And where there is a challenge, there is plenty of market opportunity – enter the rise of “smart city” technology. It’d be just plain dumb to ignore it.
Here’s an article by Laura […]

0 Standardized or value-based products for different cultures?

Author: Monika Sidler Standardized brands could benefit from large-volume production and transfer of expertise. But globalization has not produced globally uniform consumers. Coca-Cola changed its strategy from “think global, act local” to “think local, act local”. “The fashion industry tends to present the ideal woman’s figure as slim (standard). Black teens connect a full figure […]

0 Guanxi – all business is personal

Author: Thomas Perez China has a history of around 4,000 years with many different dynasties. The last one, the Qing, ended in 1911, the birth year of PRC. Exactly 100 years later, in 2011, China became the world’s factory and released its 12th Five-Year Plan. Almost every aspect of the economy will change except of […]