0 German-Swiss tax dispute: No BATNA, no deal!

Author: Philipp Bircher Berlin-Berne, we have a problem! Well, not just one, we certainly know that. But there’s one controversial subject that outshines all the others at the moment: the dispute over non-taxed funds of German citizens in Swiss banks. In a nutshell: The German government accuses Swiss banks to be a shelter for German […]

0 When East meets West – Culture dimensions

Author: Colette Richter Images from “East meets West” by Yang Liu @Yang Liu Design, www.yangliudesign.com Hermann Schmidt Verlag Mainz, 2012, 9. Auflage ISBN 978-3874397339 Being responsible for several overseas markets including China, I often receive questions from staff members or friends why guests from China are like this or business people behave like that… How […]


Laurent Schmid
12.9.2012 – 14.10.2012 | 7/7 | 24/24
Talk on Live Stream / Stadtgalerie Bern | 19.9.2012, 7 p.m.
Laurent Schmid, Reinhard Storz, Anna Bürkli
In cooperation with the Stadtgalerie, Waisenhausplatz 30, 3011 Bern
Technical Support: Lilian Beidler
Project website: www.collective-view.ch

The work What are all these lights doing? (STROBES) by Laurent Schmid places stroboscopic light – as a scientific achievement […]

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