0 International campaigning and advertising within a Swiss tourism organization

Author: Esther Grob Zürich Tourism is a non-profit marketing organization which promotes tourism for leisure and business travellers for the city and region of Zürich in the local Swiss and 19 other international target markets. In their marketing strategy, the brand Zürich shall be strengthened with common focused messages and advertising in the local and […]

0 New Media, New Views

Maurizio Cattelan: If a Tree Falls in the Forest and there Is No One around It, Does It Make a Sound? 1998
Ausgestopfter Esel, Fernsehgerät, Zaumzeug, Baumwolltuch, Schnur, 150 x 154 x 46 cm
Foto: A. Burger, Zürich
Sammlung migros museum für gegenwartskunst Zürich

0 Global campaigns: the ability to create brand promises that can travel

Author: Isabelle Gargiulo One of the most challenging tasks in international advertising is the deep understanding of culture differences. For instance, North Americans see in product promoted benefits to be gained by buying a specific label. Chinese consumers are interested in ads with prevention-focused messages. Why are misleading claims repeatedly created? In case of ad […]

0 BKULT-Debatte ab 10. September 2013

“Braucht die Stadt Werbung?”
Debattieren Sie mit! http://bkult.de/de_DE/1130.braucht_die_stadt_werbung/
In den 20er/30er Jahren stand beleuchtete Fassadenreklame noch für Fortschritt. In Learning from
Las Vegas (1972) erklärten Denise Scott Brown, Robert Venturi und Steve Izenour die Reklame zu
einem wesentlichen Element des (post-)modernen Stadtraums. Heute wird dagegen der Wunsch
nach einem Ausmisten im Schilderwald immer lauter. Wird die Stadt ohne Werbung schöner? […]

0 Jetzt anmelden – Storytelling-Konferenz “Data Storys – Erzählen mit Fakten und Zahlen”

2. Storytelling-Konferenz, 20. September 2013, Volkshaus Zürich
“Data Storys – Erzählen mit Fakten und Zahlen” ist das Thema der 2. Storytelling Konferenz. Der Spannungsbogen reicht von Infografiken und Daten-Visualisierungen über Daten-Journalismus bis zur Quantified-Self-Bewegung und Datenschutzfragen. Im Zentrum steht die Frage: “Wie werden aus Daten packende Storys?”
Mehr Informationen und Anmeldung: http://centerforstorytelling.org/

0 London Eye: Twitter-driven light show

Color variations according to the mood expressed toward the Olympic sports fest
Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel, the UK’s London Eye, is set to take part in what its sponsors are claiming will be the world’s first social media driven light show – controlled by Twitter reactions to the Olympics and Paralympics.
The show kicks off on Friday […]

0 From Austria to the World – Gigapixel Images of New York City

Lammerhuber, Ars Electronica Linz, Austrian Airlines and Vienna International Airport present:
From Austria to the World – Gigapixel Images of New York City featured at Vienna Airport
(Linz / Schwechat, May 28, 2012) “From Austria to the World” is the theme of five extraordinary giga-pixel images of New York City now on display at the Austrian Star […]

0 Connecting Cities Events 2013

City-to-city live interventions series
The CC Events are embedded in local programmes like the Media Facades Festival in Helsinki, Ikono On Air Festival in Berlin, Bauhausfest in Dessau, Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Amber Festival in Istanbul, Nuit Blanche in Brussels etc. The urban media art projects have been produced by 18 partner institutions and will […]

0 REVIEW: Genius Loci in Weimar

International Videomapping and Facade Projection Festival
5 – 11 August 2013, Weimar, Germany
In 2013, the second edition of festival Genius Loci expanded in space and time as on three evenings three historical facades in the city of Weimar were transformed into a screening parcours. The festival offered additionally a symposium, workshops, an exhibition and a networking […]

0 Now online: Eine Frage des Blicks

Scientific paper by Doris Gassert
Now online: The scientific paper (in german) “Eine Frage des Blicks. in reality von Kasia Klimpel” by Doris Gassert (click here). Doris Gassert holds a PhD (Dr. phil. des.) in Media Studies. She works as a research assistant at the House of Electronic Arts Basel.
Online until 17.08.2013: in reality, produced by […]

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