0 Testimonials as sales drivers – is it really worth?

Author: Iwan Gisler Who doesn’t know all the celebrities from sports, movies, fashion or business who stand for any kind of products and services with their faces and images? Can you imagine, what a huge amount these ambassadors earn and do you ask yourself sometimes, if it really pays off for all the companies and […]

0 Antron Showroom – Digital Signage Expo 2013 Gold Apex Award Gewinner

Case Study: Antron Showroom, 2012 NeoCon Trade Show, Chicago
Um den Brand Antron und dessen Showroom am Neocon Event 2012 zu inszenieren, hat Float4 Interactive gemeinsam mit dem Design Unternehmen Perkins + Will eine immersive Umgebung mit Real-time Application geschaffen. Mittels Projektionsinstallation, welche durch Bewegung und Gesten der Besucher aktiviert wird und ein Farbspiel auf einer […]

0 Study week in Seattle, November 3rd to 9th

Author: Iwan Gisler Seattle – not a first destination for a city trip or on a world trip, but something to discover, I thought. Now I’m quite happy to write a great experience not only about Space Needle, Seattle Super Sonics or Nirvana. But from the very beginning… Sunday, November 3rd All students arrived individually […]

0 How culture affects communication in our daily life

Author: Dominik Erne © Christian Zundel Cross cultural communication is extremely important in today’s fast-growing and globalized world. Not only in terms of face-to-face communication between different ethnical individuals but also in an increasingly essential demand in the ability to interact with our community in social media such as Facebook. The means to connect ourselves […]

0 Ikea’s European pricing strategy

Author: Livria Laurent International companies use different price points for identical products. Basically, such an approach is feasible as buying power is different among countries. However, the price comparison analysis of the sofa KLIPPAN from retailer IKEA, shows a very different picture. Surprisingly, the sofa KLIPPAN can be bought in Switzerland for EUR 218.00, the […]

0 Do you Like Spicy?

Author: Nana Riz A good example of misinterpretation of Intercultural Communication is the case of “China in Box” in Brazil. After a big national success, this company decided to expand and go abroad, first to Argentina and afterwards to Mexico. The result was a flop. They used the same strategy that they had used in […]

0 Dedicam: Flying high through Social Networks?

Author: Kathrin Kunz Business success through outstanding products and network marketing: Start-up company Dedicam, specializing in using drone aircraft to film movies, commercials and extreme sports events, has maximized the use of networks to communicate its unique product nabbing renowned clients like Audi, Red Bull, Mercedes or Porsche. Instead of classic advertisement, content and inbound […]

0 How to do business in China? Guanxi — the Chinese art of networking

Author: Nadine Clauder Exchanging business cards is a key element to build up your Guanxi. Guanxi is a system of networks and relationships in business and private life in China. Furthermore it´s a door-opener and confirms commitment. Guanxi is all about giving and taking. It is essential for being successful in the People´s Republic of […]

0 Emerging market India – a cultural challenge

Author: Esther Grob Photo: Zurich Tourism, Martin Rütschi On my first business trip to India, I was amazed by the cultural differences; but my experience at a business dinner gave me pause to think. MyIndian business colleagues, in my opinion, behaved disrespectfully towards the taxi driver and the staff at the venue. On the other […]

0 Deichmann Filiale Essen: Interaktives Pilotprojekt am POS

Nomination für den Digital Signage Best Practice Award 2013
Im Rahmen der viscom 2013, die seit gestern Donnerstag 07. bis  Samstag 09. November in Düsseldorf stattfindet, ist ein gemeinsames interaktives Digital Signage Pilotprojekt von Deichmann und LEAD concepts ausgestellt. Dieses spannende Projekt zeigt eine innovative Erweiterung des traditionellen Digital Signage und zielt darauf ab, zu jeder Zeit […]

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