0 New Neuroscience research into the true impact of Out of Home Advertising

Neuroscience identifies the Wow factor at the heart of great outdoor
Source: http://www.oceanoutdoor.com/neuroscience/
A theoretical model, grounded in neuroscience, says that to get results, outdoor advertising needs to capture our attention and then engage our emotions. A strong emotional response drives memory encoding, and this is key for any communication, because memory encoding correlates with subsequent purchase […]

0 Experteninterview mit Jürg Balsiger, CEO Stanserhorn-Bahn

Autoren: Erich Kunz, Kathrin Kunz, Thomas Pérez Jürg Balsiger, CEO der Stanserhorn-Bahn, gibt Auskunft über die wichtigsten Punkte bezüglich erfolgreicher Umsetzung einer Marketingstrategie in China: – Aufbau und Pflege von Netzwerken – Trumpf von Swissness – Bedeutung von People Business

0 Global Campaign Management Challenges within E-Commerce

Author: Andrea Leiser What are the challenges within e-commerce in designing and implementing global marketing campaigns? Is it cultural differences in values, poor translations, trust issues or product availability? As a senior campaign manager for an online distributor, I face all these challenges, and more. Speaking of e-commerce – is this just managing an online webshop? […]

0 Digital listening as a powerful B2B selling tool

Author: Tobias Straumann Whether it is airplanes, semiconductors or banking software, a complex product with many features and functionalities entails the need to be explained. Therefore, many vendors start selling by talking and dumping data instead of “understanding” the prospect’s challenges with purposeful listening. A Forrester paper commissioned by Dell found that many companies struggle […]

0 International B2B Communication for a Hotel?

Author: Esther Grob © Caroline Minjolle / Zürich Tourismus In our Western world, we are used to booking our holiday or business trip accommodation online, either directly on the hotel’s homepage or through an online booking platform. But for overseas travellers, especially from the emerging market countries, it is different. Due to strict visa rules […]

0 Zürich: Keine Werbe-Screens an Einfallsachsen

Ablehnung durch Stadt Zürich
ak. ⋅ Bis vor kurzem waren digitale Werbeformen auf öffentlichem Grund in der Stadt Zürich gänzlich verboten. Zusammen mit den beiden grossen Plakatwerbefirmen APG und Clear Channel hat die Stadt Zürich aber diesen Sommer einen Versuch gestartet, um die Akzeptanz der neuen Werbeformen und deren Auswirkungen aufs Stadtbild zu testen (siehe diesen […]

0 Testimonials as sales drivers – is it really worth?

Author: Iwan Gisler Who doesn’t know all the celebrities from sports, movies, fashion or business who stand for any kind of products and services with their faces and images? Can you imagine, what a huge amount these ambassadors earn and do you ask yourself sometimes, if it really pays off for all the companies and […]

0 Antron Showroom – Digital Signage Expo 2013 Gold Apex Award Gewinner

Case Study: Antron Showroom, 2012 NeoCon Trade Show, Chicago
Um den Brand Antron und dessen Showroom am Neocon Event 2012 zu inszenieren, hat Float4 Interactive gemeinsam mit dem Design Unternehmen Perkins + Will eine immersive Umgebung mit Real-time Application geschaffen. Mittels Projektionsinstallation, welche durch Bewegung und Gesten der Besucher aktiviert wird und ein Farbspiel auf einer […]

0 Study week in Seattle, November 3rd to 9th

Author: Iwan Gisler Seattle – not a first destination for a city trip or on a world trip, but something to discover, I thought. Now I’m quite happy to write a great experience not only about Space Needle, Seattle Super Sonics or Nirvana. But from the very beginning… Sunday, November 3rd All students arrived individually […]

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