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0 Leselust 2016 – Lesen ist der beste Stoff

Sprache ist nicht nur wichtig und nützlich – sie ist auch schön, verspielt, facettenreich – und lustvoll. Zum Jahreswechsel gibt es zehn Lesetipps der Dozierenden des Competence Centers Professionelle Kommunikation.

0 Studienreise des CAS Consumer Behaviour and Insights nach Berlin

Ende Oktober besuchten die Studierenden des CAS Consumer Behaviour and Insights Berlin für drei Tage. Prof. Carsten Baumgarth von der Hochschule für Recht und Wirtschaft Berlin organisierte ein Facettenreiches Kontrastprogramm mit Führungen u.a. durch das KaDeWe, Bunte Schokowelt Ritter Sport, KPM (Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur), trial & error (Tauschladen) und Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge. Auf

0 Hofstede and the Masculinity Index

In intercultural studies, Hofstede’s Indexes of Culture provide an empirical way to compare countries. Based on the Power-Distance Index, for example, all major airlines around the world have created guidelines to overcome deference to authority: In a cockpit, where the lives of passengers and crew are potentially at stake, bowing and scraping is inappropriate behavior. […]

0 Service Culture and Innovation in Dubai

Prof Paul Williams at the American University in Sharjah guided us through the intricacies of providing service in an Arab context during out second session. Arab culture values service highly, but does not want to be on the serving side. The high number of Filipinos employed in the service sector in Dubai attests to this. […]

0 Swiss in the Air and on the Ground

Whether doing business in the air or in hotel kitchens, the Swiss name still stands for quality engineering and the highest standards. Ras Al-Khaimah, a less well-known Emirate about 75 minutes northwest of Dubai. Acacias and tumbleweed dot the desert landscape, interrupted only briefly by scant signs of life: A camel, a herd of goats, a […]

0 Bikes and Sheiks

Dubai war kein Land für Fahrradfahrer. Wolfgang Hohmann hat das geändert und fährt gelegentlich mit dem Emir über eigens angelegte Radwege. Wolf’s Bike Shop in Dubai: zwei scheinbar unmögliche Dinge in einem Firmennamen. Aber Wolfgang Hohmann gibt es und mittlerweile auch schon konkurrenzierende Anbieter, die in Dubai vor allem den Expats Fahrräder verkaufen. Oder vielleicht wäre […]

0 Emirates and Advocates

Service and safety excellence in the airline industry and expert financial advisory services for businesses and entrepreneurs entering the UAE: These are the hallmarks of The Emirates and Advocates of Law in Dubai.  The Emirates, one of the world’s top 200 lifestyle brands, sets the standard for excellence in airlines service. With the goal of […]

0 Doing Business in the GCC

In the Emirates, doing Business requires a careful mix of cultural sensitivity in communications and understanding the Anti-Laws of Luxury Marketing. Day 1 at the American University in Sharjah, UAE. In the first session, Prof. Dr Mohammed Ayish outlines Communications in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The GCC target audience comprises the Arab-speaking population in […]

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