Kevin Kuhn, Jaywalker Digital


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Douglas MacKevett

Douglas MacKevett ist Head of the MScBA Online Business and Marketing Major in English und Dozent für Wirtschaftsenglisch am Institut für Kommunikation und Marketing IKM.

Kevin Kuhn is a graduate of the Master’s Program in Online Business Management from the Lucerne School of Business and helped found Jaywalker Digital in 2015.

In this interview, he shares his thoughts on trends in data science such as identifying personas in a business. You’ll hear about the pros and cons of filter bubbles and his experience of both conventional and online education. Jaywalker digital uses design thinking to discover customers’ problems and Kevin is a strong believer in the importance of gaining experience through trial and error. In the interview, you’ll find out why following your interests is more important than filling a job description and his advice about getting good grades.

Find out more about Kevin on LinkedIn and read Jaywalker Digital’s E-Book on design thinking in data science.

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