TEDxHochschuleLuzern: The Future of Hybrid Work


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Douglas MacKevett

Douglas MacKevett ist Head of the MScBA Online Business and Marketing Major in English und Dozent für Wirtschaftsenglisch am Institut für Kommunikation und Marketing IKM.

The boundaries between different life domains are blurring and new technologies are providing more flexible ways of working. But what would happen if we could no longer meet at our place of work – could we still collaborate? What would need to change? With mobile applications, your future workplace will be wherever you are, creating new challenges for us and the institutions we work for.

Jens MeissnerDr. Jens Meissner
is professor for organizational structures, innovation and risk management at Lucerne University for Applied Sciences and Arts. His research activity contains various aspects of today’s work environment as well as socio-scientific perspectives of organizations.

Hear Jens speak at TEDxHochschuleLuzern: “Winning Solutions for the 21st Century” on May 25, 2016, with registration beginning at 4.30 pm. Or simply spread the spirit of TED and pass this link on to friends – “ideas worth spreading”.

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