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Douglas MacKevett

Douglas ist Dozent für Wirtschaftsenglisch, professionelles Schreiben und interkulturelles Management am Institut für Kommunikation und Marketing IKM.

Louis Palmer is the first person ever to circumnavigate the world in a car powered solely by solar energy. Without any personal financial resources, he set off to fulfill his childhood dream of traveling around the world, driving more than 54,000 km and crossing 38 country lines. Twenty years later, he has dedicated his life to motivating people to think about and do their part to save the planet.

During this journey, he asked the question that we all ask ourselves: How can we sustain our wealth while simultaneously sustaining our environment? Through his treasure of experiences and encounters while travelling the world, Louis Palmer shows how the world is full of solutions.

TEDx-Hochschule-Luzern-TeamFind out more about Louis at TEDxHochschuleLuzern: “Winning Solutions for the 21st Century” on May 25, 2016. Or simply spread the spirit of TED and pass this link on to friends – «ideas worth spreading».

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